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Recover Gmail password –Gmail Password Support Team:  For every web account, a password is one core thing that protects the mail data. A mail user on now days have multiple passwords of various web accounts. So, possibly there have a chance of occurring the confusions between the passwords. We know that what will happen then, you will forget the password resulting you will lose the access of password. But, don’t worry. If you are the one who lost password, here are some suggestions for recovering that for the forgotten password.

Suggestive method to Recover Gmail password

Principally, there are three ways to contact the Gmail, the first method of recovering the Gmail password is through the registered mobile number. That is the best method for recovering the Gmail password, in case that option is not works for you, then alter the Gmail password with the help of your secondary email address, Lets explain the Gmail password recovering process through the two suggestive methods.

Gmail Password recovery through the Mobile Number

  • Click on ‘Need Help?’ option that shown above the right hand side of the account. Now on the Next page, it may ask you to enter the user ID which you have troubles with.
  • Once after entering the user Id, Click on ‘Next Page.’ There on Next page, The Gmail asks you to enter the last password you remember. If you fail to remember the last password, then click on Next.
  • Over the next tab, for verifying the human access,. You have to verify the CAPTCHA verification. CAPTCHA is used for verifying the human access. Most of the times the CAPTCHA code is not clearly visible for most of the users. On such circumstances, we are suggesting that click on the refresh icon for getting a new code or else click on the sound icon for receiving the verification code through the sound. Identify the verification code either one way and then click on next
  • Over the next page, prefer the method to recover the forgotten Gmail password. By, default you can saw over there the password recovery through the Phone number. Enter your phone number over there, and click on next. Now check the message box of your cell phone and see the verification code from Gmail. Enter that code again in the password verification tab and verify the account
  • Now on the Next page, you will get a tab where you can reset the Gmail password and gain back the access of your account

Gmail Password recovery through the Alternative Email address

As mentioned earlier, there are many times you can’t retrieve a password through the mobile number. This might often happened because when the users lost their mobile access or sometimes they failed to update their current number. On such a scenario, an alternate option to recover the forgotten password is through the alternative email address. Enter your email address in the password recovery tab and then click on ‘Next.’ See after the password recovery tab and enter the accurate verification code there. Now see your email inbox and pick the Google verification email address. Find the exact recovery link and click on it. You will now being redirect to the password recovery tab, where you cab reset the forgotten password. That’s all about the procedure of resetting Gmail address.

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